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Benefits of Walk-in Baths

The independence offered by walk-in baths gives people more dignity and better control of their surroundings. They help to reduce the risk of accidents when getting in and out of the bath. Bespoke Bathing have a vast range of walk-in baths, designed with all the features to ensure your bath time is relaxing and stress free. All our walk-in baths can be fitted with showers, screens and seats. Plus lots of safety features from grab rails to anti-scold taps.


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Walk-in Bath Ranges

Traditional Bath with Door

Various Options for Walk-in Baths

Compact Baths for Small Spaces

Good Range of Compact Walk-in Baths

Baths with Support Seats

Walk-in Bath with a Seat Powered & Non Powered

FAQ Walk-in Baths

How do I use a walk-in bath?

A walk-in bath really is very easy to use. Simply, open the door, step inside and close the door. Drop the plugs into place, turn on the taps and let the bath fill to the desired level, which should take a few minutes or so. Enjoy your bath as normal. Pull out the plugs and wait for the bath to drain, open the door and step out.

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Can I have a seat in a walk-in bath?

Yes, there a various types of seats from powered, moulded and flexible. Please contact us for more information.

How does a walk-in bath work?

A walk-in bath is designed to make using a bath safer to user. Bespoke Bathing walk-in baths have a door in the side which can be opened, allowing the bather to easily step inside. The door reduces the threshold of a regular bath significantly and a moulded seat or optional lift seat will make getting up and down in the bath easier.

How much does a walk-in bath cost?

How much a walk-in bath costs really does vary and depend on what style and options you require, please see the various combinations of walk-in baths below, for more information please call us free on 0800 1695 526.

Helpful Guides for Walk-in Baths

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