Walk-in Showers Common Questions

Finding a bath or shower that is ideal if you have trouble stepping over even small objects can seem daunting. Where to start?

What is a walk-in shower?

A walk in shower is designed with a low-level access feature that is specifically created for the elderly or less mobile. The most significant difference between a conventional shower and a Bespoke Bathing Walk-In shower is the option of not having to climb over the side of a bath in a shower/bath combination or up over a large step up into the shower tray of an independent shower. Also our walk-in shower bathrooms are designed with easy access in mid to help those who may need extra mobility aids in the bathroom, like grab rails, anti slip flooring etc.

How much is a walk-in shower?

The pricing of a walk-in shower really depends on many of factors. The factors can range from:

  • The walk-in shower model – see our brochure for deigns
  • Additional safety features
  • Luxury options added
  • Vanity features including choice of walls, flooring and other additional any additonal appliances.

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What size is a walk-in shower?

One of the biggest benefits of aWalk-in Shower for Limited Mobility walk-in shower is the size can change to fit your bathroom specification. A larger shower area means accessible showering can be made easier, particularly if help is needed. Smaller spaces can be catered for with smaller bespoke trays that will maximise your shower area. All our trays come with the addition of a slip-resistant base, so you will have peace of mind that you can shower in safety.

Can walk-in showers be used for those with reduced mobility?

Yes, a walk-in shower can help make taking a shower a safter and more enjoyable experience. The benefits of replacing a high step shower or bath with an ultra-low walk-in shower is vast. All of our walk-in showers will help with ease of access to your shower and also help to reduce the risk of slips, falls or injury. Plus our walk-in showers can be fitted with fold down seats for comfort, durable anti-slip flooring and grab rails for added safety, especially for those with reduced mobility and elderly people. .

Walk-Baths Common Questions

The independence offered by walk-in baths gives people more dignity and better control of their surroundings.

What is a walk-in bath?

People with reduced mobility, either disability or ageing, find using a bath very difficult and can be a real safety issue when climbing in and out, many accidents happen here. A walk-in bath is designed to make using a bath safer to user. Bespoke Bathing walk-in baths have a door in the side which can be opened, allowing the bather to easily step inside. The door reduces the threshold of a regular bath significantly and a moulded seat or optional lift seat will make getting up and down in the bath easier.

How do I use a walk-in bath?

It really is very easy to use. Simply, open the door, step inside and close the door. Drop the plugs into place, turn on the taps and let the bath fill to the desired level, which should take a few minutes or so. Enjoy your bath as normal. Pull out the plugs and wait for the bath to drain, open the door and step out.

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Does a walk-in bath leak?

A correctly fitted walk-in bath will not leak. Here at Bespoke Bathing we have been installing walk-in baths for over 30 years! Our fitters have years of experience and we have many satisfied customers.

What sizes do walk-in bath come in?

Walk-in baths come in various sizes to suit your requirements and bathroom size. From a compact sit/stand with a combination shower to a full size bath with hydrotherapy jets to ease those muscles. It really is best to discuss with our Bespoke Bathing experts.

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